In the world of animation one can create and live everything, what our imagination dictates us. Our animated productions are always created with engagement and individual approach dedicated to the designer’s and animator’s project.

The production of advertising, instructional or corporate videos and advertising spots does not have to be necessarily based on film shots. The magic of film is also hidden in the animated video. Animated advertisements of a product or service may be based on use of various animation techniques, like 2D animation, stop motion, 3D animation or any form of 360° animation.


Our Client delivers a brief (description of requirements and needs) in which he/she describes what he/she would like to present and gives more detailed information connected with the production.
Then our creation department creates the scenario that turns Client’s ideas into a film integrity.
Now it is time for execution. We create film shots, working in the studio, Client’s seat
or anywhere our imagination leads us. In the meantime our graphics create 2D or 3D animation that forms an excellent complement to film shots. We do not forget about the sound – in the movie
it is equally important as interesting shots.

Creativity, Open Mind

For each our client, having got acquainted with his or her individual needs, we select an adequate, personalised graphic style. The animation style depends on several factors. The main one is the message that has to be contained in the film. Its nature determines the selection of the graphic line, colours or the form itself – 2D and 3D animation or 360° video. The second important factor is the animation exploitation field. Depending on the place of emission – Internet, conference, event, internal material or TV material – the length of the animation is adjusted as early as in the pre-production stage. The third factor determining the selection of the adequate animation is the future target spectator. Here not only branches appear but also spectators’ age or gender. The last but not least factor is the industry our client operates in. In many cases it is the element which eventually decides about the form of animation – its character, plastics, colour, graphic style. Difficult? No, it is very simple. Select animation of wMediaWzięci and production of advertising spots will simply become a pure pleasure for you!


The 2D animations is the most popular in the film market and among our clients. It is an excellent area to present all kinds of our clients’ activities – complex market or sales data, new possibilities of products and services, lifestyle themes. The 2D animation is specific for presentation of any numerical data, diagrams, tables or templates in an interesting and simple way, friendly in perception. Thanks to that the production of advertising or instructional videos becomes an exceptional animated adventure.


See our latest animations. Check what are the differences between 2D, 3D and 360° animations. Find out which kind of animation will be the most suitable for your campaign or project.

Create with us

An animation provides an indefinite potential. We know how to use it.