Media Trainings

Our media trainings are covered by professional team of journalists and operators. Thanks to their knowledge and practical skills our clients learn how to cooperate with media, how to behave in a stressful situation of a TV interview or how to minimise in media effects of crisis situation.

The media trainings organised by wMediaWzięci guarantee the knowledge which will help you to become a master of public appearances. We guarantee both theoretical and practical support making sure of not being surprised with any media situation.

The trainings are held in Polish or English language.


No stress
You will learn how to enjoy public appearance – with zero stress!
Press law
You will learn what are the rights of journalists, what are yours and how to use them.
Adequate appearance
You will get learn how to appear adequately before the camera and what to remember in order not to spoil your image.
Case study
You will learn specific media case studies and analyse what and how it could be done better.
Formulating messages
You will learn how to formulate proper message depending on the type of media.
Conversation with journalists
What does he need from me? With us you will learn how to communicate with a journalist.


– you get advises how to talk to journalists
– you get to know how to formulate proper message to the various types of media
– you get to know media case studies and learn what could be done better
– you know how to appear well before the camera and what to remember in order not to spoil your image
– you get the knowledge about the rights of journalists and yours, and how to use them
– you get the knowledge how to hold a meeting with camera and radio without stress


After the theory there is always time for practice. In our trainings you will have the possibility to face the camera and microphone. You will also come across the questions asked in crisis times.

The program of our trainings is elaborated in such a way that you could get as much useful information and guidelines helpful in everyday communication with media as possible.

All the exercises in front of camera are carried out in cooperation with camera operators, with a professional camera, sound equipment and studio lighting. Radio exercises are carried out in an arranged radio studio with professional equipment.

All trainings and exercises are carried out by journalists and operators currently working in studio or “in the field”. They are experienced persons who have performed hundreds of interviews and recorded innumerable numbers of statements. Thanks to that our trainers know very well what journalists expect and what are the most frequent errors of their interlocutors.

After the training participants receive their own records – video and radio ones. The material has attached description of strong and weak points, thanks to which a participant can always revert to the material and reconsider it by his or her own.


If you do not know how to communicate with media and each your appearance is preceded with huge stress and trembling hands, our wMediaWzięci proposal is ideal for you!