wMediaWzięci¹ (pron.: vmedɪʌvzɪentsi) means being fully engaged in media, latest technologies and movie. In a nutshell – it is our Team.

Our wMediaWzięte life begins where our adventure with the movie begins. The adventure that enables us to open our eyes to the potential residing in the movie, and that inspires us to use this potential as much as possible. We create promotional movies that tell more than thousands
of words.

We make promotional movies that beat down traditional forms of advertising. We record full of emotion advertising spots that simply have an impact on the recipient. We record. And again. And more. Always with passion. And this is our wMediaWzięty phenomenon.

executed works

Advertising and promotional films, 2D animations, interviews, event coverage videos, live coverages, talking-head shots, features, documentary and many others under one roof of wMediaWzięci.

year experience

Directors, producers, camera operators, sound technicians, make-up artists, scriptwriters, scenographers, editors, animators, illustrators and many others contribute to the wMediaWzięci team success all the year round.

satisfied clients

Advertising, 360, PR, event agencies; B2B sector; companies of energy, construction and pharmaceutical industries, services sectors. All these clients trusted us – wMediaWzięci.

Our Team

Our team is formed by fully engaged people – experienced in media industry. Would you like to launch cooperation with them? Contact us!

Konrad Pawlak

Producer. In wMediaWzięci coordinates media trainings and video production. Responsible for creation and contacts with our clients.

Olga Apanosowicz-Katłu-bej

Director and camera operator. In wMediaWzięci coordinates video production. Responsible for creation and contacts with our clients.