Film Productions

We listen intensely to the Client’s needs. For us it is enough that you define your needs and we shall “dress” them in a relevant scenario, we shall make a professional stage makeup. We shall create advertising spots, promotional movies, corporate movie for you – everything you need. We shall produce your needs, we shall give them artistic dimensions. We shall create a movie telling the story built up in your head. Irrespective of what it will be about.

How does the advertising movie creating process look like?

Our Client delivers a brief (description of requirements and needs) in which he/she describes what he/she would like to present and gives more detailed information connected with the production.
Then our creation department creates the scenario that turns Client’s ideas into a film integrity.
Now it is time for execution. We create film shots, working in the studio, Client’s seat
or anywhere our imagination leads us. In the meantime our graphics create 2D or 3D animation that forms an excellent complement to film shots. We do not forget about the sound – in the movie
it is equally important as interesting shots.

What do we create?

  • Advertising film
  • Promotional film
  • Sponsorship billboard
  • Instruction films
  • Corporate videos
  • Features
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Hand-drawn 2D animation
  • Video presentation
  • Video clips
  • Vox pops
  • Talking-head shot

We like neither templates nor traditional schemes. Innovation, new approach and exceptional presentation of the topic – this is our speciality. And this is what you will find in our films. Whether it is a corporate film creating brand image, advertising spot showing attractive features of a product or service.

What more can you find in our films? Emotions. Thanks to respective tools, we are able to fill with them  any simple advertising spot or corporate video with them. These emotions that draw attention, remain in our memory and allow more intensive perception of a film. The best promotional films or advertisements are soaked with emotions. Yet a thing is to skillfully mingle them into.

How does the work with us look like? Surprisingly simple and transparent. You bring us your brief containing your requirements and needs. We sit down and make a brain storm over that and, finally, our creation department brings you a ready scenario. And you can be sure – irrespective of the kind of our movie – advertising spot, promotional movie or corporate movie, we shall freak you out positively. And then all we have to do is to polish our diamond. We combine exceptional animations with film shots and perfectly selected music. All that must create a finely woven mosaic.

We shall record your success. We shall create an exceptional corporate movie, extremely effective advertising spot, inspiring 360° movie. We shall record promotional movies of highest quality, produce advertising movies. For you. As per your needs. We prepare materials always on time.

Our Film Productions

See our latest film projects. Check out corporate videos, promotional spots, advertising videos and 360 ° videos.

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Fundacja Dzieciom “Zdążyć z Pomocą”

Create with us

Each production can be recognized as an out-of-the-box project and you can be sure we will complete it! Deliver us your brief and together we will make a movie that would attract the viewers.