A virtual sightseeing is the best way to present a particular place or company by Internet. 360° video, unlike usual photos, give picture not limited by any frame. Thanks to that the viewer has the possibility to look freely at all directions, to feel an exceptional climate of the place and to see details unnoticeable during a traditional presentation in gallery.

360° videos open new, unknown until now, possibilities of presenting areas, such as offices, cultural institutions, restaurants, stores, factories, workshops. The virtual sightseeing is an excellent way to present an enterprise, its offer, areas of activities of selected teams, particular specialist or latest products.


Our Client delivers a brief (description of requirements and needs) in which he/she describes what he/she would like to present and gives more detailed information connected with the production.
Then our creation department creates the scenario that turns Client’s ideas into a film integrity.
Now it is time for execution. We create film shots, working in the studio, Client’s seat
or anywhere our imagination leads us. In the meantime our graphics create 2D or 3D animation that forms an excellent complement to film shots. We do not forget about the sound – in the movie it is equally important as interesting shots.


wMediaWzięci offer virtual walks and 360° videos which are an interesting, original way to present company’s events. Furthermore, they play the role of the promotional material, advertising spot, corporate or internal video. 360° video, called also a spherical video, enables also guiding the spectator in a conference, event, unknown place, presentation of a person or of a project team. It becomes real because sound is registered in the same time during recording. wMediaWzięci will have no problem with creating realistic virtual walks and 360° videos.


wMediaWzięci propose an entirely different way of telling stories. In this technique the creativity of persons that make the 360° video is the only limitation. We encourage you to watch the examples of videos in the 360° technology made by us. These are both promotional films, event coverages and typical PR materials.

In order to make the virtual sightseeing even more attractive, for each 360° material we are able to deliver any number of personalised glasses in the Google Cardboard standard. The films and 360° panoramas created by our company can be displayed with any VR glasses, such as Samsung Gear VR or Oculus. Thanks to that you are able to invite your clients and employees to outstanding virtual walks.

360° videos are perfectly displayed also on mobile devices, like tablets or smartphones. In order to see the film material it is enough to rotate around one’s axis. 360° videos are also displayable with the computer mouse or keyboard, moving the picture on the computer screen. YouTube and Facebook services also guarantee direct display of 360° videos.


Check the selected 360° projects. Enter the world of future and magic with our company.